milk in a bag

way back when i was in the air force and stationed in turkey…living “on the economy” as they say. i had a very nice apartment on the 7th floor with two very big balconies which gave me lots of opportunities to observe local life.

i would often see women out shopping and sometimes after school i would see boys out running errands for their moms. they’d be carrying either a loaf of bread wrapped in paper, a sandpail size bucket of yogurt or a plastic bag full of milk.

they would be fooling around as boys do and once or twice i saw them drop, break or spill their precious bundle-the look on their face, as they say, was priceless~

in my current situation of limited utensils and supplies i am desperate to return to my own way of doing things, such as bringing my breakfast/lunch to work. i’ve done the instant oatmeal thing for a few weeks but wanted to try some regular cereal…but couldn’t figure what to put the milk in.

since i don’t have my usual assortment of jars…i thought about those turkish boys and their milk.

voila-i put the milk in a zip lock bag!!

breakfast at my desk


2 thoughts on “milk in a bag

  1. well, you can’t shove it in the bottom of the bag and pile lots of stuff on top….but i gently put it on top in my lunch bag and it was fine!!

    like my office? i’ll take a pic of cate and rose’s photo that i have next to my own kids just to the left of my computer

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