a good day

not great, not fabulous but good. No tears, no obsessive worrying. a feeling of calm all around.

i wrote a 4, yes FOUR page complaint about my leg-i titled it “notification of injury” and described in painstaking detail what, when and where and most importantly listed what i have NOT been able to do over the last 8 days.
it got the attention of the guy i was told couldn’t approve reimbursing my sick days because he was “in court”. he says they will open a case and investigate and wants to know what “monetary demands” i am making.
to be honest, i’m not out to gouge anybody-from day one all i wanted was my sick days reimbursed but after all the phone calls and hobbling around all week i figure another $1000 would be fair…

cleo and i have had a quiet day, i caught up on some important stuff that has been hanging around
the only less than good news is that my stuff is NOT on a boat! it’s “delayed” but hopefully it will be on it’s way “in a few weeks” with the usual multitude of apologies.

fecking hell!

not going to let it ruin an otherwise pleasant day, looking forward to the return of jersey boy on sunday, borrowing rose’s wheels this weekend and at the end of the month i will finally be able to get a zip car for errands… and fun!!

~~hoping for lots of good days ahead~~

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