how much am i worth?

i’ve been thinking about how much i should ask for (demand) for my work related injury. my pay for the 3 sick days comes to about $1400 so i figured another $1000 for “pain and suffering”

but this morning i woke up, still sore and not able to do the errands i need/want to do…so i thought maybe round it up to $3K. i have 3 kids and usually think in triplicate.

but sometimes i think, and others have told me, i am being a chump.

this whole concept of putting value on a physical or social function is kind of weird. i remember being quite disturbed reading an insurance policy that spelled out the value of various body parts. for instance, loss of an index finger or thumb is $1000 but a middle or ring finger only $500-value obviously based on function and usefulness.

i had a friend who had a crush hand injury and while all his digits remained they did not function in a co-ordinated manner. he told me once he spent an entire hour long physical therapy session (unsuccessully) trying to pick up a dish towel using a pinching motion-what is the value of an intact but non functioning hand?

i think i am in the second category-i am intact, i don’t need surgery, i will get better but i am not functioning at my previous level and getting very frustrated with the whole situation.

what is my value in cold hard cash…at work, to my family, to my friends etc? is there a calculation for that?

james and i were out walking and i couldn’t keep up with him like i usually do, going up some stairs with quite a bit of whincing i said maybe i should ask for $1 for every step…or maybe $100 for every missed opprtunity to engage in a normal activity or something that i haven’t mention is that it hurts to bend and sit on the toilet…$50 for every time i have slowly and gingerly lowered myself to take a leak?

so let’s look at it by the numbers~

  • 54 (in 4 weeks) years old
  • previous function level-110% meaning closer to a 40 year old than a 60 year old
  • estimate 3 weeks (i’ll call the end when i am back on the treadmill)
  • post injury function level 70-80% (initially 70%physical/10%mental stress, now 40%physical/30% mental stress)

i dunno, what’s that worth?

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