my sprinting days are over

i went to the orthopedic clinic yesterday morning. slightly embarrassed because i am improving…. now just limping and uncomfortable.

diagnosis? torn hamstring

the doc offered me an MRI and surgery to repair it orrrrr do nothing. he said if i was traing for a sprint or the high jump i would need the strength but for walking on a treadmill? probably not!
he did say i might have a slight lump on the back of my thigh (where the muscle tore away) visible when i am wearing my short shorts but once again we had a chuckle as he knew as well as me that won’t be happening.

my monetary worth became slightly more clear and i emailed the hospital lawyer with an update. now i am waiting for a response

4 thoughts on “my sprinting days are over

  1. yeah getting conflicting information from the internet-the doc said up to 3 months and i am okay to walk on it
    but i’ve read on the internet (so taken with a grain of salt) that it sould be rested, the kee immobolized or that damage could be worse.

    sooo frustrated with my hospital, they say i have to use my insurance to pay for a second opinion but when i called to make an appointment they NOT to use my insurance for a personal injury case.

    and of course my children want me to at least consult a lawyer because once it’s settled i can’t go back for more.

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