happy cat

it’s hard to tell but i think cleo is much happier now. not that she was being being mistreated at rose’s but she loves me…

she loves to sleep on me and we are back in our old routine. i wake up and she is sitting near my head, waiting for me to get up to feed her.

and she is going outside!
today she ventured all the way down the two flights of stairs to the garden and poked around for a bit. she comes in so full of herself and i can sense the trauma of the last year fading away.

happy cat, happy me!

3 thoughts on “happy cat

  1. lol!! the waiting by your head for you to wake up..sounds a bit like my Rose.. only she is perched hanging on to her crib..as soon as she see signs of life… she is babbling up a storm.. Glad cleo is doing better..

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