spa day here i come

i had a long trying week at work. I am walking reletively pain free but my leg just isn’t doing what i expect it to. my knee feels wobbly and i am hypervigilent about any obstacles in my path- water, debris, ankle biters and frisky teens.
i was going to thetrain and some kids were goofing around and nearly ran into me. three weeks ago i would have chuckled and thought “nice to be so young and carefree” today i was ready to snap a neck if they bumped into me and made me lose my balance…
everything takes so much effort and concentration and i am feeling it and cursing under my breath~a lot!
but i have scheduled myself a little pampering! i’ll be having a real aveda elemental facial (not students) a haircut (tame the A. einstein look) and an eybrow wax on wednesday!

can’t wait
no, really I CAN’T WAIT!!!!

2 thoughts on “spa day here i come

  1. Come on over…I have guest passes to the club I joined last month. You can get all the stuff you’re getting (pay for it of course) but use of the pool, gym, sauna and steam room are included in my monthly fee. Used the steam room tonight for the first time – in my whole life! – managed about 3 minutes. Used the sauna last night, managed 10. Not sure which I like better.

    Enjoy your spa day!

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