my desk

i’m quickly approaching the one year anniversary of…
1) leaving england
2) starting my new job
3) meeting a very special, to the nth degree, friend via a cosmic collision of internet technology and plain old chance, serendipity and karma
i only have photographic evidence of #2.

i have a desk (that always has chocolates) in an office and this is my computer with pictures of those that make me smile when i look up after i bang my head in frustration.

2 thoughts on “my desk

  1. aaaahhh! I see my little “mama’s girls” :0) Actually I have the pic of us with Rose and neil where C is looking up in awe at Rose.. I LOVE that pic.. Makes me miss you even MORE!! I also got a paper print of the one of you and Rose.. Your smile is sssooo YOU!! and might I say how neat your desk is…very nnniiicccee!

  2. i’m sure i just cleaned my desk for the photo…it’s usually a mess!
    one of my co workers who teases me about the mess read that people with “messy” desks are more productive!!! ha!!

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