3 weeks after

my big spill. the one that gave me a torn hamstring~
i’m waiting to hear from the hospital lawyer
i am walking but it’s not great-now i just have a constant ache and weakness. NOT HAPPY about that.
at least i am able to concentrate and move around enough to take care of myself.
i am working on some data from the research i did in england, my boss and the nurse from newcastle thought we could get an abstract together for me to present in Lisbon. i am kind of disappointed because the data is pretty unimpressive. my boss is always able to find a new angle so we’ll see what happens. he said i could rewrite my poster presentation from berlin for a US conference so maybe i will be in san diego in october….

it’s amazingly warm and sunny here-around 80F and supposed to stay in the 70’s for the next week…which means we will probably get a snowstrom for my birthday!
cleo has been checking out the back yard (in addition to parking herself on the laptop) and that is nice to see.

i still have a very big mountain to climb, bridge to cross…hot coals to walk over in a week or so, not looking forward to that but can’t escape it either.

2 thoughts on “3 weeks after

  1. I tore my hamstring in a waterskiing accident accident in 2004 (confirmed by MRI) and it has never been the same since. That leg is weaker and I tend to have bad cramps in the muscle area when I push too hard. Some activities such as rock climbing and yoga are almost impossible to do now as it goes into spasm if pushed too hard or the muscle is tensed for long.

    I hope you are getting some PT for it as that may help. My leg has never been 100% since then.

    Im not trying to be a gloomy Gus, I just want you to be aware when speaking with a lawyer of what you long term outlook could be.

    Good luck and I’m sorry you had this happen to you.

  2. thanks elizabeth, that is actually very helpful. that supports my suspicion that it will never be the same, the pain is replaced by just chronic aching from my hip to my foot depending on what i’m doing. going up stairs is still a killer!!! but i am pushing myself. glad you mentioned the spasms also because i wasn’t sure if that was because i am still sleeping on the sofa.

    next week i am going to go to the gym and gently try the treadmill because that will be a month gone and that will give me objective data on how much my level of activity has decreased.
    i think i will look for some studies about this also.

    i think the lawyer will look at me as a (grey haired) 54 year old woman as no big deal, not an athlete etc but i still walk and use public transportation everywhere and why should i change my lifestyle because they left a puddle of water on the floor.
    i’m really frustrated that i worked so hard for the last 6 months to increase my cardio level and it’s been wiped out in 3 seconds.

    thanks again!

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