after a month in my new apt, i am gradually remembering all the things i can do without asking, considering, worrying about what other people think.

i recently saw a recipe for roasted sweet peppers. they can be used in a salad, sauce or sandwich. i was taught how to roast peppers by an italian woman i helped about 25 years ago-i know about the brown paper bag

rose is coming over tomorrow and i thought i would make a nice snack-i bought zucchini, baby sweet peppers, eggplant and tomatoes- i planned to roast and marinade them and use them in a salad or sandwich

then i realized i had yet to actually turn on the oven in my new place. after a few nervous attempts, the larger than i am used to oven/broiler fired up!

my precious cargo has yet to leave england~ARRRRGGGHHHH!!!  but when it all gets here, i can just imagine the goodies that will emerge from that oven~

i have promised to torture tempt rose, neil and james with traditional sunday dinners, alternating with neil in a friendly competition.

let the game begin!!!!

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