moving on

now that we are off high alert i can start concentrating on other stuff like…

applying for a MSc program-i am giving a presentation tomorrow-50 minutes in front 15-20 high level nurses, doctors and dept heads. am i scared? nah, i keep reminding myself that i presented in front of 200 in barcelona! one of the chairs of the committee is also head of the master’s program so i think it will pretty much seal my acceptance.

i need to make some vacation plans- new york and california. i have tentative plans for england, lisbon and turkey later in the year

i need to get on the shipping people-it’s 10+ weeks into the promised 8-12 weeks they said it would take. tonight i was in the kitchen washing dishes repeating to myself~

i used to have a cutting board

i used to have a cheese grater

i used to have skewers

i used to have a pizza stone

i made a pizza with my roasted vegetables that came out amazingly well considering i used an aluminium grill pan!

i know it sounds really selfish but i just want my stuff….


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