not enjoying my patient experience

it’s nothing to do with here vs NHS or anything-i know that doctors are arrogant, narcissist asses the world over but there is nothing more infuriating than seeing one do his schtick at my expense in front a resident and a medical student.

i had my MRI and read the results just before my appointment with the orthopod. it shows a complete tear with the muscle 5cm retracted from the bone.

the resident talked to me and checked the strength in both legs and noted the obvious weakness in my left leg.

the three of them came back and dr g acted like he actually remembered seeing me before. he has this thing about asking me to squat down-which i did both times and then he says- “see much better”. WTF? so what if i can squat? i don’t squat at my desk for 8 hours…and squatting is not going to get me from my house to the train and then to work!

he was annoyingly casual about the whole thing saying i didn’t need an MRI because he told me it was torn, that if i want it surgically repaired i need to decide, like now… because it gets more complicated as time goes by.

when i said i just wanted to be sure because i need to settle with the hospital where he got all quizzical and asked if i have a lawyer because he has the number for a personal injury attorney…

no, i have no intention of suing the hospital but i do expect to be compensated for my sick days…and having to spend time with doctors like him…

after i left i thought i should have asked if he would tell his wife the same thing if she’s slipped on a puddle of water and spent the last 5 weeks moaning at him about what she couldn’t do…like wear 3 inch heels and spend 3 hours browsing through nordstrom’s

anyway, this weekend i will be working on a graph illustrating my worth, based on my salary and then pro-rated on my level of impairment-for example the first week between the pain and actual physical limitations i’d estimate i was 90% impaired~tapering down to now at 5 weeks post injury i’d say i’m about 20% impaired.

i think that’s a simple objective formula unless anyone else can suggest something else?

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