self sufficiency revisited

today i was reluctantly pulled into a shopping expedition. it was on/off for the last few days but in the end i put on my sneakers and decided to venture into unknown territory

i am not a shopper, i don’t like wandering around stores and in the past i rarely had money. that has changed slightly and now i am able to make it from payday to payday with an increasing amount of cash left over.

so today i had no excuse really~

 money+needs+transportation=mega shopping adventure

the results? i don’t think i need to post a pic of my new mop, dishpan (with bright green handles) , cat food/litter, dish soap, laundry soap, flower pots/seeds/soil, pajama bottoms, various gifts for my kids…so i’ll stick to the highlights which is my new basic spice set from the spice house and at least a half a pantry of food. i forget what it’s like to have to take of all my own needs….but it’s all coming back!

it’s weird because most people take things like sugar, vinegar, flour for granted. thinking i’ll just whip something up and i need a tablespoon of sugar so i’ll just go in the cupboard and get it. but the thing is somebody has to buy it in the first place…so i am building up a stash.

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