another avocado aficianado

today there was just two of us in the office-there’s a lot of tension so it was nice to relax and just shoot the breeze.

first she asked me if i’d ever seen “top gear” ….of course. talking about it brought back lots of memories.

then somehow she mentioned that she is trying to grow an avocado pit and asked if i knew anything about them…i bugged out…sputtering how i’ve grown lots of pits-this being one of my more succesful attempts

the scary part is that as i explained to her that as we spoke…i was engaged in an experimental attempt to get the pit my daughter brought back from hawaii to sprout.

it has been sitting in water since last october with only minimal action. so in cases like this i try to think like an avocado…a hawaiian avocado.

what do i need, what am i used to, what makes me want to grow…and i think the missing link is heat…

so checking the pit water, let’s face it it’s cold. i tried putting warm water but after a few hours it’s cold again…

the solution either a heating pad or a continuous infusion of warm water-in the form of dripping hot water from the tap into a big bowl containing the pit-

here’s a very arty view

so back to the task at hand-how do i get this blasted pit to send out a root???

i’m continuing my experiment and i’ll let you know how it goes

3 thoughts on “another avocado aficianado

  1. i always take off the outer husk, don’t you?
    that pit is also upside down- i was getting concerned because the “pointy” end was getting hard and discolored from the sun.

    so i have the whole thing soaking in the warm waterfall-seems to be opening slightly
    or maybe i am just imagining it…

    i was telling my workmate about your experiment!

    • I never took the husks off on mine. All three sprouted just fine with the over the jar of water / toothpick method *well, until one got a blight and another fell off of the fridge and cracked in half – perishing shortly thereafter.

      Have you been pruning the top buds to encourage all of that sideways growth? I am just letting mine do what it wants – besides water (after giving the Little Seed that Could the 1/2 stalk pruning and the plant getting sick and dying a month or two later)

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