how long does it take?

way back in January i paid a fortune to have my personal belongings, since defined as 66 items, picked up.

January 9th to be exact. at that time i was told the time frame for delivery was “8-12 weeks” i think we would all agree that 12 weeks have now passed and??

no shipment! i have website that says the “vessel” will arrive on april 15th. arrive where i’m not sure…and then there’s the customs clearance …and transport across a third of the US before i see a truck on the street in front of my building…

my friend says may 15th…care to place bets?

in the meatime i am trying to make this space cozy…

4 thoughts on “how long does it take?

  1. when i was growing up, we moved to europe, and then made two more moves from country to country, before moving back to the states nine years later. each time, it took months for our stuff to show up. i can’t remember (because i was 8) how long it took for our stuff to arrive in England when we first moved overseas, but it was a looonnnng time. it was even several months from England to France! it made my mother nuts. for me and my sister, we were just excited when our stuff finally showed up.

    i feel your frustration — i can’t believe that 30 years plus later, it is still as bad. it will come! someday!

  2. thanks for your experience-i would have thought some high speed transatlantic ship would have been invented by now but nope its still some lumbering cargo vessel crossing the atlantic…

    i guess the thing is most people don’t know what it’s like to go without anything beyond your basic belongings for months on end…

    it will be an emotional reunion when my stuff gets here

  3. i think with the move back to the states, the stuff actually made it across the ocean fairly quickly (like a few months….) but then was held for a few more months in storage, for who knows what reason. my mother, who is a little teeny bit OCD, had (and still has) the most comprehensive inventory of household belongings ever assembled by a non-professional, and i remember with each move, her going over that ridiculous list to make sure every item had arrived. (she even made me translate it for each move, once into French, and once into Portuguese, so that if anything was missing there would not be a language problem!).

    hang in there — it will be so much fun when it all comes in 🙂

  4. i have a basic list in my head of what i expect to arrive-i’m sure i’ll spend some time wondering about a few things since i do still have my house over there
    i can imagine they are up in the loft…

    from previous experience, i will struggle with the broken things
    unfortunately, i will only have myself to blame as i did the packing

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