the best part of my job?

when i took this position, my previous research in central line infections got me in the door.

i have more than proven my worth and expanded it beyond my managers in some ways. my manager is not aggressive enough…in my opinion

but the best part of this job? what makes it miles above my previous clinical positions?

when i get there…i get there

and then i work 8 hours

or i make sure i work 40 hours a week

nobody is waiting to give me report or handover the care of a patient for 12 hours

i have infection control responsibility for 2 of the most seriously ill, immunocompromised units in the hospital, organ and bone marrow transplant.

one of my units celebrated a major successs today while the other is struggling to understand what went wrong in the last 3 months

when i read the charts, i still empathize with the patients, nurses and doctors. these are not “easy” patients.

 i was told that one patient had a 5% survival rate even before we introduced a foreign object into her chest.

she is 34, with young children, she has an agressive leukemia. i have not spent a 12 hour shift with her.

but even though i can sleep a little later in the morning…it’s patients like her that still get me out of bed


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