snow day

It’s something like a mental health day…in the winter. In my case, it is actually well deserved because through recent months I have cancelled vacations on two separate occasions due to work obligations.

I started a Master’s degree program in August and the last two weeks of the semester with lots of deadlines coincided inconveniently with the big once in three years hospital accreditation review-last week. Being down one staff (the cunt) and another keeping to her strict 8-4pm schedule left myself, the other productive staff member and my boss to cover all the early days and late afternoon meetings. We, 3, all worked from about 6.30am-5.30pm.

So even though my classes are finished and I was able to relax this weekend, when I woke up about 5 this morning and started thinking about getting ready for work I realized I hadn’t gone grocery shopping, my house is still a mess, it snowed yesterday and it is fucking cold out there….22F-feels like 9F!

Action taken? called in…not sick…just said I needed another day off to “catch up” after last week.

Plan? lay in bed til the caffeine kicks in, putter around and probably venture out this afternoon. Number #2 son is staying with me temporarily so maybe we will go out together…or not!!

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