my personal trainer and me

Ever since my body started to seriously and undeniably show signs of aging…aka weight gain, loosen skin, redistribution of aforementioned weight gain in well-known old lady areas….I have been working out for several months at a time with decent results, only to fall off the wagon for various reasons.

When I repatriated back to the US in 2011, I am lucky enough to be able to join the university fitness center for a measly $26 a month. In November of 2011 with my newly acquired stability, I was thinking about upping my game and getting a personal trainer-mostly to teach me how to use all those scary machines. I had a physical assessment which showed my cardiovascular performance was 5% above average for my age. Hey, I’ll take 5%….but I couldn’t find a trainer who: A. was interested in working with a middle aged woman and/or B. was able to accommodate my schedule.

Then came “the fall”. The fall that happened at the hospital where I work when I slipped on a puddle of water and tore my hamstring muscles off the bone…that is another story.

In the 18+ months since “the fall” I have had all kinds of exercise therapy, some of it prescribed by a doctor and some on my own. Besides the exercise physiologist  who got me balanced again by far the best workout was the “bootcamp” I did last April and May. We, a small group of middle aged adults met from 6-7am at the local high school track and did a different combination of pilates, yoga, weights, running, martial arts led by a very nice, middle aged, highly motivated personal trainer…it was fantastic!!

I loved being outside, being with group for motivation and seeing results quickly….my schedule did not like boot camp. I struggled to get to work by 8am so I missed a few sessions then vacation was looming which meant longer hours and that started my spiral out of bootcamp.

I finally got a young personal trainer at the gym and she was good but the workouts were boring, same thing every time, she was only free in the afternoon and I prefer mornings. Did I say she was young and had a perfect body?

Sooooo, this month I gave myself the gift of 10 personal training sessions with my middle aged boot camp trainer, also with a perfect body but at least she has a few wrinkles….and she comes to my house at 6am…how posh am I?

4 thoughts on “my personal trainer and me

  1. Love it…sounds very posh. And what could be better than figuring out a way to do something that you really enjoy? I am back in a rut again, but not too worried – I was highly-motivated from mid-June until I went to the States in November. That 20 pound loss is now an 18 pound loss and I suppose I’ll gain a couple more before the 1st of the year…but then it’s back at it. It feels really good to have re-distributed some things back to closer to where they used to be!

  2. very posh!! whatever it takes to get you back on board…Good for you!! I also am back on the wagon..I refuse to embrace the ‘well you are a mom…embrace your mom body”..or wait until after Christmas”” Are you kidding?? I recently have revamped my exercise (turbofire at home videos) and am doing clean eating .The best thing for me that is ‘different” this time is accountability.. (I call it name and shame) but it works..!! She is a teambody coach but i know her in person and I am on two FB boards.I get recipes and menus every week for FREE!! I swear I lost 7 lbs in 5 record ever and I am pleased.. Go TRACY!!

  3. hey, thanks for the comments old and new friends! It’s so weird that the hardest part of working out is the mind muscle!!!
    I feel good when I am exercising, I feel good after I exercise….it’s just pulling together the motivation that is so hard.

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