single person’s dilemma

Besides the concern about tripping, falling, hitting your head and having the hot fireman find your decomposing body 3 weeks later when the neighbors report a foul odor…

My main problem with living alone is food…I like to have a healthy diet-fresh fruit and vegetables but it’s tricky to get to them before they go bad/get moldy/brown/mushy.

Case in point-I bought a standard container of mushrooms, I like mushrooms but really ho many mushrooms can one person eat in a week? So this morning I checked out the last ones before I put them in my omelette. They were shriveled up but no suspicious looking mold….but then I thought they are a fungus…do mushrooms go bad? You can buy dried mushrooms so they should be okay? But what if there is some insidious bacteria growing that I can’t see…


I ate the mushrooms with an avocado that I cut some black spots off of and passed on the tomato that was looking pretty well passed it prime. Now I am waiting to see if I will start hallucinating and end up at my first concern as outlined in the beginning of the post.




3 thoughts on “single person’s dilemma

  1. I think if you are going to cook teh shriveled up..moldless mushrooms you are ok.I believe things get killed ..but if you are eating them raw I say no.. I think the answer is menu plan so you only buy 1 tomato or 3 bannas.. uuggh! It is still frutsratimg and things still go bad even though I am doing that now in an attempt to watch what I eat..

  2. This is the number one reason I don’t buy lettuce! I do buy a big bunch of mushrooms, though, and use them fresh for a day or so, then cook up the rest, portion ’em out and put them in the freezer – great in anything you cook from soup to omelettes. I buy apples in threes, but I usually have one for lunch just about everyday. It’s fun trying to plan it all out…

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