blogging has changed

I think I started blogging in 2009? No, actually it was before that. It was all kind of informal and I enjoyed connecting with regular people who shared their thoughts and jokes and stuff like that. We liked and commented on each others post and it was fun, chummy…personal.
Now it seems so…..professional! I feel like my insignificant experiences are pretty pale in comparison to others. For example, one guy is now following me but when I went to his blog it’s all this motivational BS about how to make money online?? I watched his video

ummm, I’m not looking to market myself. I’m not looking to make money online-I have a job, a very successful job making sure the patients at my hospital don’t get infections, thank you very much Joe.
I suppose it’s great that Joe will get to move to his tropical paradise and still be able to make money online but I think I will just carry on sharing my thoughts and connecting with other people who aren’t looking for an easy path.
I don’t really need followers like Joe and if I have no followers at all? That’s fine with me.

4 thoughts on “blogging has changed

  1. I love your blog and it is so good to be hearing from you again 🙂 I think there’s plenty of room for us real people just putting our thoughts and words out there. I agree with your observation. A lot of blogging seems to have become a marketing ploy, jostling for position. And that’s okay. But I am so glad to see you doing your blog again the way you do 🙂

  2. ah, an old blog friend…I guess a blog is what you make it. I am enjoying posting on my blog. Gives me a space to share some of the more disturbing things that bounce around in my head and if other people can relate- that’s great- if not I don’t mind talking to the wind….it’s therapeutic either way!!
    I’ll be checking on you Lynette!!

  3. I get your point Tracy, but agree with Lynette – I thnk there’s room for all types, thank heavens! I’ve tried one last time to talk my mom into getting online as I think she’d be the world’s greatest blogger – but she’s not buying it. She’s too much of a ‘conspiracy theorist’ and is too worried about ‘Big Brother’.

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