Christmas Irony

A few years ago, well over 5 years ago, I saw some jewelry that really “spoke” to me. As a woman who rarely wears jewelry it’s not often that I find designs simple enough for me…then I met FreyWille
It didn’t help that I was on vacation when I first came across this jewelry and had not budgeted to slap down a few hundred bills for an admitted luxury or that my travel partner stood in the airport as I fawned over the jewelry one last time saying…”do you want it? If you want it, I’ll buy it for you…do you want me to buy it? Just say if you want me to buy it”-not his most romantic gesture. I said no, thanks.
So began my growing desire for a simple ring like thisth
As my bank account grew, it seemed more possible for me to buy one of these rings for myself until I started looking into it. They don’t sell online, only in boutiques which are rather inconveniently located in London, New York and Beverly Hills. London seemed like an option but I am rarely there long enough to make a side trip…and my son lives in New York so I had hoped to persuade him to make the trip but I now also have a friend who visits his family in New Jersey regularly. Before his trip at Thanksgiving I showed him what I wanted, it was intended to be a favor that turned into a gift for Christmas- which is how I knew what was in this little box.
I waited patiently as instructed til Christmas morning, I enjoyed holding perfumed little box with its hand tied ribbons and savored the kindness that made a long time dream come true.
The two lingering questions were would I like the pattern and would it fit? As I opened the box I was relieved and love the pattern!! It looked a little small though…I did reply when asked about my ring size that it “used to be 5 but probably 6 was better”. As I tried it on a few fingers it became apparent that my fingers have gotten fatter and knuckles bigger in the past 30 years. Urged by daughter to just get it past my knuckle, it would probably be fine. It immediately became apparent that it was not fine as my finger turned purple and pretty much lost circulation.
I panicked over the next hour or two as it continued to swell to the point where I was sure cutting it off would be the only option. Right now my beloved ring remains uncomfortably on the ring finger of my right hand, having been iced and elevated for 2 hours. I can now feel my fingertip and move the finger.Berwyn-20131225-00064

As a nurse I know a few tricks including using a thread to gently work it over the knuckle and I have successfully removed very tight rings from a few patients. I called my cousin, the nurse and even one of the ICUs to get advise….both told me to relax and wait for the swelling to go down. Theoretically, I know that it can get past my knuckle so I am banking on the swelling going down after a long sleep tonight, enough so I can ask one of the ICU nurses to try to get it off at work tomorrow.

I will be heartbroken if I have to cut it off~~
I’ve lost count of the number of ways this sums up my life.

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