The most important lesson I learned from getting a ring stuck on my finger

If the ring doesn’t slide on easily, don’t force it.
I think this lesson also applies to relationships. I don’t think I am a particularly demanding woman…I’ve always worked, worked very hard and been a decent girlfriend/partner/wife as far as the cooking, cleaning and sex. Men seem to enjoy the benefits of a wife when it suits their needs, forgetting it’s a two way street.
I don’t think it’s unreasonable after years…not months but years of “proving” I’m not a nut case, I should expect the other half of the relationship to step up and c-c-c-commit. I’m not suggesting a big white wedding but how about a living arrangement that doesn’t require me to pack pajamas ??
Okay, I’m not perfect-I can be moody, melancholy, weepy and even angry on occasion but does that make me unsuitable to live with?
Don’t want to be my man? Fine but I’m not waiting around till we can buy a big enough house in a perfect location or you get promoted to Vice President or gold coins rain down from the sky…I’m moving on with my life.
I think this is my last comment about this subject…
The ironic thing about the men who don’t/didn’t want to commit to me when they had the chance? They tend to regret that decision later.

7 thoughts on “The most important lesson I learned from getting a ring stuck on my finger

    • the verdict is out on that one..but I can see your point about keeping the ring although I can see giving it back..I guess if you don’t want the ring you can either re style it or sell it.. 😉 JLo still gets heat for not giving back the pink diamond to affleck..

  1. the swelling has finally gone down on my right hand so I am wearing it again. I love it, simple as. it was never really about our relationship in the sense that he didn’t “give” it in the tradtional way-with intention or commitment.
    I have to say when I found out how much he paid and the effort that he went to get it-he got a few points!!
    if we really split up I would probably pay him for it and keep the ring.

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