2013-going out on a high note!

Yesterday was a pretty eventful day for me. In the morning I took a certification test for Infection Control, basically the one thing holding me back from applying for my bosses job. Today was her last day
I passed!! I can now start adding CIC to my title…
Better yet it is a very necessary requirement to be the Associate Director.
I’m not terribly big on titles, initials etc but ever since my boss announced her resignation 6 weeks ago many people have made comments assuming that I would take over.
This promotion is in no way a done deal, I will have to submit my resume and go through the whole interview process which is terrifying enough but the potential to improve patient safety and decrease infections is very satisfying.
I spoke at length with my boss before she left about all the ins and outs and ups and downs of the job which are many but the bottom line is I work hard no matter what so I might as well step up. My only regret of not applying is if some manipulative, crazed lunatic takes the position and sends me back to occupational hell….

So after my test I was planning to go into work but I was so unexpectedly excited I took the afternoon off and went car shopping.
here’s my new pride and joyBerwyn-20131231-00080
No name yet….maybe my Italian speaking friend can think of something that combines green, baby and small?
They delivered it to my house today while I was at work, figures it is sub zero and snowing!!! I took her for a short drive in the snow, love having a manual transmission (stick shift) again!!! Vrooooooooom! Vroooooom!!!

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