New year, New look!

Everything is on the up and up for me right now, years (and years and years….) of hard work is finally starting to reap benefits…in a big way!
I’m not a new year’s resolution type person but one can’t ignore the significance of a new year…if for no other reason than writing the date!
I have been thinking lately that whoever said money can’t buy happiness has obviously never been poor. I have always had a job but being a single mom with 3 (yes, three!) school age kids is almost by definition poor.
I am in no way rich now but let’s say I am comfortable and my happiness comes from helping and taking care of others not in buying extravagant things for myself.
Case in point, I could have gone out and bought some ridiculously expensive luxury car but I chose to buy a cheap and cheerful Fiat 500 with a 5 speed manual transmission because…it makes me happy!!!
It’s going to be a busy start to 2014 for me. I will be applying for a job that will definitely be a step up and highly visible in a very large university medical center.
I am continuing my graduate degree which luckily won’t get problematically difficult until 2015.
I also have big plans for a few vacations…
First priority is a road trip to New York with Turkey next on the list if they would just stop fighting over there….
A conference in California in June will take me amazingly close to my friends near the Pacific ocean and the annual hippie festival which will be somewhere in Utah or Nevada…what can I say? hippies aren’t very good at long range planning.
Big year coming up so what better way to start it off than with a spin in the snow in my new car!!!

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