a pause in the action

Apologies to those that were wondering what happened here….it’s a combination of wanting to communicate/share and the inherent issues of internet visibility.
I’ve decided to plod on-
so what’s going on here?

scary weather!! cold, cold, COLD!!! and now more snow! we have about 6 inches already and I heard this afternoon there might be another 10 inches tonight/tomorrow!!
Today has been a window of opportunity with temps in the 20’s (F) and only snow flurries.
I took advantage by putting a few miles on Piccolo Verde…took him out on the expressway…love my new car!!

I worked on my resume using a template from Word 2010-it came out great! I like that I could just add links for the various hospitals I’ve worked at. I submitted it to the Vice President of my division and my medical director, both gave positive feedback. I am well aware that I will have to follow all the steps and jump through all the technical hoops but maybe I will eventually get to the proverbial big desk…?!

ah, the ring!!!! the ring is on it’s way back to New York to be exchanged for a bigger size. I thought it was funny (sweet) that the person I spoke to in NYC remembered my friend buying the ring, he is very…umm…friendly…outgoing…open!

I managed to complete my full month of personal training and I am hooked!! if the weather cooperates I have decided to continue with boot camp. I love my trainer, she is enthusiastic and does something different every time! I am going to set up a back up Pilates class after work once a week.

so, for all lurkers, stalkers and trollsthCL0L84ET

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