I have the proof

Proof that miracles do happen…
That something you thought was totally inconceivable could actually occur…
That despite the results of an action always being one way, it can turn the other way…
You never know what lurks inside another person…
As a parent, saying something a million or so times could actually give the desired outcome in a decade…or two…
My youngest, third child has been “visiting” over the holidays. There is no doubt that I enjoy having him around in fact he helped me buy my new car. All my kids are funny and pleasant with no unpleasant habits. This youngest son, the baby, can be a little…ummm, lazy? He can, at times make a sloth look busy.
Today I left my house in its usual state of “lived in”-ness. Nothing unsanitary just a big kitchen table piled up with “stuff”, a few dishes in the sink, cat toys, lots of cat toys strewn about….
I called son from work to offer a ride back to his humble studio abode because it was time…we are all back to work and he is off work til March.
Imagine my surprise, shock and total amazement when I came home to this~~~


I honestly didn’t know he knew how to wash a dish let alone organize my stuff and clean the floors.
So, for all you parents don’t give up hope, this too can happen to you!!

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