what happened to my motivation?

I just finished up my fantastic month of personal training. Felt great, strong, totally psyched to continue and then? I think my motivation got sucked up into the vortex….and work.

Monday everything was cancelled but I made it in to work
Tuesday I was determined to get in a workout in the morning before work but didn’t
Today I blew off boot camp and worked another 10 hour day

See a trend?
Now, I have make a decision whether I want to continue boot camp, join Pilates tomorrow or just give up~~~eat and drink myself to a nice soft, round shape…which I am sure is my natural state!!
here’s what I am going to repeating tonight

5 thoughts on “what happened to my motivation?

  1. I am more certain than ever that it is the time of year – the amount of light in a day. When I started my last weight loss programme, I started in June, just as the days were getting super-long – five months later, 20 pounds gone and it happened almost without me noticing. Yes, I watched what I was eating, went swimming, went for walks, but I certainly did not kill myself (ala boot camp). I knew when November came and I went to the US and then Xmas, etc., that would be it. I’ve gained something like 6 pounds in the past 6 weeks. No, I’m not watching what I eat, yes I am still swimming and walking, but the motivation is totally gone. Perhaps give yourself a break and/or take a brief break from it all and wait for the days to get longer. That’s what I’m telling myself anyway.

  2. lol, at least you lost 20 pounds!! I never lose anything-although my clothes fit better (aka looser) I suppose this isn’t the best time to make grand plans but…I know my motivation is there somewhere…maybe its’ just taking a nap?

  3. i have visual motivations or reminders around the house.. I have a weekly exercise plan so everyday that i do what I should I cross it out in a colorful marker..I also have a graph I am working on… to hopefully slowly see my weight line go DOWN..also I have a jar that says LOST It is filling up with shells.. every pound I lose I put a shell in it… I think getting to bed ear;ier is huge with me.. when I go to bed late I end up eating junk and being slower the next day.. blah

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