a little battered

not dipped in a floury batter-more like being knocked around in the back of a pick up truck on a bumpy road.
and the source of my battering? work and weather
worked a handful of extra hours and skipped too many lunches. Today I treated myself to ordering Thai and eating at my desk…
the weather??? After Monday’s record breaking cold
“Monday is coldest Jan. 6 ever recorded in Chicago”

Now on Friday it is pissing down rain!!!

I have owned my new car for 10 days now and have not had one sunny, dry day to really enjoy driving him!

I don’t want to be a weather whiner so good things? mmm, something good must have happened this week…

I worked out twice, two days in a row-on my own!

We are kicking off a hand hygiene campaign at work next week-our very ambitious raffle prizes were approved!

My house remains at highly clean level thanks to my son!

This is the intellectual level I intend to maintain for the next two days

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