a little annoyed at twitter

So I reluctantly signed up for twitter in an attempt to join the cool kids and generate a little action for the blog-a-rooni…okay so I’m a newbie but i was kind of getting into it-following the CDC, various news feeds and art, photography stuff and hooked up with my UK friend juliej.

Within 24 hours and  10 tweets and following 3o other twits—–I have been suspended!!!

I am a twitter failureth (1)

I have no idea which twitter rule I’ve broken, I got turfed to the “you are a twitter reject” page where it talked about following more than 2000 twits was “frowned upon” as was making multiple accounts in order to stalk other twits but clearly I am neither of those.

I do confess to trying to remove my real last name but I guess that only works if your last name is Kardashian… because everyone knows there’s only one Kim.

Oh well, luckily I will be too busy this week to worry about anything but the flu, hand hygiene and other infection related crap.

2 thoughts on “a little annoyed at twitter

  1. That is just weird. For what it’s worth, I’ve kind of lost it with Twitter. The novelty wore off long ago – I was exchanging a number of Tweets with J and his friends (who have become my friends), but the novelty wore off. Nowadays, I follow feeds for weather, jobs, police and different news outlets, including American ones, and find it good for the purpose of keeping up with things that way…

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