5 thoughts on “legal malpractice

  1. For what it is worth, the attorney I used to work with used that phrase a lot…it was always in the forefront of his mind to do the very best he could for clients because he was always afraid of being sued! However, he’s way too far away in Wisconsin to be of much use to you!

  2. I didn’t realize that lawyers have malpractice insurance just like doctor’s. I kind of feel bad for him he has apologized repeatedly and profusely but it was his job to know this stuff…

  3. yes Julie that is correct but even worse this is happening to victims around the globe. Doctors kill or murder I should say everyday and 99% of the time get turned down because of tort reform. We need to make the public aware of this and come up with a National law turning laws like this down. I am trying to introduce this with the American Medical Civil Rights Act 2014. Please pass this message on or better yet http://www.shellyBeenz.com God bless for helping!

    • Did you realize I am a nurse? I’m afraid you won’t get much sympathy from me.
      My case has to do with an injury I sustained and not getting adequately compensated from the place where it happened, nothing to do with any medical mistakes.

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