work overload

Yesterday at work during one of the busiest, most important days for our department-I started to feel achy, sniffley and had a small tickley cough..last night I had chills and my throat was so sore I could barely swallow.

It’s weird because I have no contact with kids, nobody I know is sick, I haven’t even spent any time near any patients at the hospital and…..AND I BROKE DOWN AND GOT A FLU SHOT THIS YEAR!!!

Luckily after a few Theraflu’s, a day in bed and lots of fluids my symptoms seems to have peaked. I know too much about flu and I don’t really enjoy being one of it’s victims.

We are definitely overworked in my department, well two of us are working long hours-one person is toddling along with her less than 8 hour days…complaining about how hard she works. We are missing a fourth staff member, a half time administrative assistant AND an associate director!!! That’s more than 50% of the department!!

I am so proud of the long overlooked junior staff member who spoke up and sent this to our VP in response to another request

We as a team are truly starting to feel the overwhelming burden and pressure to keep up with everything…  I fear we all may get sick soon or burnt out quicker than expected.

We are all as positive as we can be, and we put on brave faces in the meetings… but honestly I don’t know how we will be able to keep up with this for the next 4-6 months.  We will definitely try, but I fear there may be consequences (physically and/or mentally).

You know that we are always trying to do our best and will stay positive! J

She is right that it will take months to get caught up….

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