Sore, scratchy throat-Day 3

I am now spending the 3rd day of my well deserved 3 day weekend with a seriously sore throat. Amazingly minimal fever, nasal or chest congestion just a sore throat, tickly cough and  general malaise. th (4)

During the day, while I am bathing it in lozenges and hot lemony tea it is okay but at night….?

I must be sleeping with my mouth open because when I cough during the night it feels like I am swallowing razor blades…literally. This jars me awake and sets off a search for more lozenges, icy drinks and ends with trying to get back to sleep slowly tracing the various steps of my life that have led me to be single and not have someone to sooth these rough nights for me.

Since I have been sick all weekend, I missed doing the things I had planned-the essentials like laundry, cleaning, shopping and homework but also the fun stuff like working on my mosaic, working out and visiting friends. The question now is once I am feeling better do I call in sick for work and reclaim my lost days??

th (5)

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