I wish I had good news

but I don’t. I am feeling slightly better but all it means is I am trying to catch up on all the things I didn’t do since last Friday and for several weeks before that. I am now alert enough to know that my work is piling up…


I logged in and cleared my inbox but that is only a disguise for the actual PAPER work, meetings and rounds I will need to do.

I am also way behind on my homework. Reading and comprehension has been impossible with my watery eyes and foggy brain.

I guess the best news is that my older son is moving back to Chicago from New York, in with me. It’s not the best of circumstances for him, he feels like a failure. He is far from a failure and just needs some time to relax and regroup. I will enjoy having him around and just like his brother- he has a good appetite….and unlike his brother, he likes to cook!!

th (6)Maybe the good news is that in a few weeks I might come home to dinner on the table… for a change.

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