to be honest…

I’m not one to spread gossip, bad news or deep feelings but…to be honest…my reunion with my son is not exactly going the way I hoped/planned/expected. I have had more “heated discussions” about my shortcomings as a mom, his childhood and his “abandonment” than I can count….in less than 24 hours…often involving his siblings and father (my ex).

I have had pizza thrown at me and car doors slammed.

All I can say is anyone who is divorced and thinks things are going pretty well? think again…

3 thoughts on “to be honest…

  1. I’m sorry to hear that :/ If it is helpful at all, my parents were together for almost 45 years till my dad died, and I launched similar tirades at both of them about the shortcomings of my childhood, their lack of awareness of my needs as a teen (I struggled with depression and an eating disorder, of which they were totally clueless and made no effort to help), the fact that they made me move around even once I reached college age and did not let me make my own choices…

    What I am trying to say is parents all screw up. Kids will always think so as they get older. Regardless of their parents’ marital status, all families are dysfunctional. Maybe look at it as a final step in his pulling away from you to become an adult in his own right. Maybe he’ll have kids some day and then he’ll understand.

    But the throwing and slamming? I would lay down the line if it were me. No one deserves that unless the “crimes” were really egregious.

    Hang in there…

  2. he needs to get it out…I feel like throwing him out of a plane with a parachute…his primal scream would probably break windows for miles around!
    it’s weird because he gets me going about my parents and then we are both in tears….

  3. what an image! it’s all intertwined. i am sure the release will in the end bring you closer together with greater understanding. although i know when i was 19, i let loose on my dad about how he was never around when i was growing up, always working, always traveling, how he wanted to be controlling my life and he had no idea who i was and what i wanted and he didn’t care, lots of tears…

    till the day he died, he had NO idea what i was talking about. i spent a lot of time in therapy processing it. but it felt so good at the time to say it all to his face..

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