A good day

I really need to pay closer attention to the weather…I thought the polar vortex was arriving today and as I sat inside this morning looking out the window at all the blowing snow….who knew? it was almost 40F!!

I finally got all my cold weather gear on thinking~~ I’ll go out and clean off Verde and start him up…imagine my surprise when I went out and it not only didn’t feel polar but it almost felt warm!

So what else could I do but take advantage of this unexpected warm spell and send son off for an adventure and go visit the ring bearer.

Back home for our evening rendezvous, son is feeling better and I am with no drama and very little talking reconnected with the ring bearer and now cooking up a storm in preparation for the deep freeze the weather people are predicting for tomorrow….

Today kind of reminded me of a night when I was trying to get my kids to settle down before a night shift, I was begging them to go to sleep so I could get just one hour of sleep…then the phone rang. I was cancelled, no work for me!! I went in and flicked on the lights and told the kids…forget what I said before~Mom isn’t working tonight! Get dressed, we are going to get some ice cream!!!!

I think being able to change directions, roll with the punches and adapt to new rules is one of the most important lessons to be learned~sometimes it goes the other way….more work, less money, colder weather, more snow …but at least that alternative thinking track has been tested. The deep inner knowledge that there is another way is there.



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