a small respite

Today we had our Bi monthly infection control meeting. It is the first meeting since two of our team members left-including my boss. So those of us remaining were understandably stressed about taking on new roles in this meeting.  But like a phoenix rising from the ashes we all filled in the empty spaces and gave a new, fresh tone to the meeting.

Our associate VP brought some goodies because we had plenty to celebrate, one of the major categories of infections that I worked tirelessly on is down 32% from last year….32%!!!!!!clabsi 2012.2013 slide

That is fantastic!! and just the ammo I need in my bid for a promotion to my bosses job.

After we got back to our cave  office, we all (3) plus our temporary admin assistant sat around our conference table nibbling on sweets, sipping tea and having some good, bonding laughs!

I am taking a class tomorrow-it’s called “Introduction to Graduate Writing”. I’m tired of being intimidated by these inexperienced nurses in my classes who seem to spend their spare time studying APA format.

Hey, I can write, i can write gud and i will write even gudder after tomorrow! hehehehe

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