night sweats

I hate to revisit an old disturbing medical issue but…..I continue or have resumed having night sweats and/or afternoon hot flashes also.

In medical terms the differential diagnosis would be something like:

menopause v. alcohol v. TB v. some scary leukemia

I have at times felt like I am~~ a.) melting….b.) going crazy….c.) having a nervous breakdown….d.) all of the above.

not a good place to be when A.) your adult son(s) are struggling in a shitty economy B.) you are a very experienced bedside but academically challenged nurse pursuing a masters degree C.) degree is required for a desired promotion.

most nights I just kind of toss and turn….blankets on~blankets off

the other night I had a distinct jolt awake at 3am…no reason just like someone kicked me awake.

open to suggestions…

3 thoughts on “night sweats

  1. You have my sympathies, and my gratitude for describing the jolt awake. You are the first to have recorded a symptom that I cannot find mentioned elsewhere. I get a surge of anxiety – like a dropping sensation in my gut, immediately before a hot flash. At first it was quite alarming, but I’m used to it now. I wish I could offer solutions. Me, I’m waiting it out.

  2. oh so sorry… if it were me, i would rule out the scary leukemia and the TB, and then see… leukemia would probably give you some low fevers and you would get sick more often and easy bruising and probably some insane itching, but nothing that a CBC and diff can’t rule out.

    it’s probably stress and hormone swings :/ hope you are feeling more like yourself soon!

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