reading, writing and escape

I went to a writing class on Friday. I don’t think it will be terribly helpful here because it was an introduction to graduate writing and APA format but it is helping me with my 2 graduate level classes. Last semester was harder, I had three classes, including the dreaded statistics- everything was new for me but in the end I got an “A” and 2 “B”s .

Maybe I was just overconfident but I am really lost and struggling in the two classes I am in right now which are both just the second half of the first semester…go figure?

It’s all group work based on the theory that as nurse leaders-I am majoring in Nurse Administration-the job is always about leading a group. In these classes though everyone wants to be the “leader”. And since it’s online- personalities get distorted-it reminds me of a very unpleasant experience I had on a forum for Americans living in the UK.

I have leadership skills, I lead teams very effectively without barking and micro-managing. I have my own leadership style which is inclusive, nurturing and casual.  One of the groups I have been assigned to has at least 3 overachievers hell bent on calculating how many words each person contributes to the final group project.

The first paper was so torturous and then I checked what grade we got…10….it was worth 10 fucking points!!!! seriously???

Anyway, one down only 4 more to go…

today? today despite the cold and snow I am going out….going out for a drive….I want to go to the field museum and see this exhibit

WF Identity colorI just want to get out…

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