laughs and warm feelings

last night older distraught son and I went to my 92 year old aunts house to hang out with her and her daughter-my very opinionated cousin. Truth is neither is a blood relation to me but are related to my ex husband and kids. The reason I would go to the end  of the earth for this little old lady is because there was a time that neither y family or my in-laws could be bothered to help me and my kids and “my aunt” opened her home and her heart for us and made us feel a part of her big Italian family.

She has a special place for number one son, he stayed with her for awhile and she fed him…a mutual love affair…she loves to feed people and he loves to eat!!!

One thing about my sons…both of them…they are so polite, considerate, friendly, interesting, articulate…that’s not just their mom talking. I know lots of other nieces, nephews, cousins who are sullen, rude and off their head on drugs-not my sons. I actually had a 16 year old niece come to a wedding shower and sit in the corner reading a book the whole time?!?


Not my sons…sometimes I hear them talking to people at a party and I just look dumbfounded…like who is this person? All I get is a grunt and now he is talking to an adult he’s never met about the price of gold and the long term impact on the IMF quantitative easing…blah, blah, blah…

But anyway we had a lovely visit… my aunt and cousin had my son smiling and laughing and smiling and laughing some more…we looked at old pictures and my aunts guest book that goes back to 1947.

It didn’t last long…


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