an email from Sue

I still have my little house in England-I now have good tenants who are interested in staying for the long term…or until they have a baby boy…

Once a year I get an email from my insurance company, specifically from Sue. She reminds me that it is time to renew my policy, the amount and all the payment options. Today I realized why I will be keeping my insurance with Sue when I read this at the bottom of her email.

Having provided an Insurance Broking Service in this area for over thirty years we feel that a sincere apology is now appropriate
We are so sorry that you cannot speak to a call centre or a foreign country when you call us for a quotation, query, or advice
We are devastated that we cannot make you press 1,4,3,6 on your telephone in order to speak to someone who can’t help anyway or ‘do it yourself’ over the Internet when you are probably not sure of what you are buying and/or the excesses
We are distressed that when you visit our office at 18 any street Dorset BH21 1AF you are given a warm welcome
We are disappointed that our premiums tend to be much lower than those offered by insurers and others who spend millions on advertising their cheapness
We deeply regret that we prefer to spend time establishing your precise requirements before making our suggestion for the cover required at the appropriate price
We confess that we are available by telephone – 01202 xxxxxxx – e-mail Sue or even a personal visit
If you can possibly forgive us for the above appalling shortcomings we should be very happy to hear from you and shall do our best not to disappoint
Why not ask us about any of your insurances – We think you will be pleasantly surprised!

Because I hate…H.A.T.E call centres!!!!

One thought on “an email from Sue

  1. That is really something! It’s brilliant. I’m surprised they printed that, as there is always an idiot somewhere who will not smile at what they’ve said and will take it seriously that the company is ‘disappointed’!

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