and I thought statistics was tough…

I am now up to my eyeballs in “nursing research”.  In my online class, we have small group discussions. One guy is obviously waaaaay ahead of the rest of us. Today he posted his answer to the question that will last the next 2 weeks….I, and probably the rest of the group have only just cracked the book/read the article.

My new vocabulary sounds something like this:

  • retrospective design, cohort design, prospective design, correlation design-so far so good
  • descriptive research, descriptive correlational research, univariate descriptive studies, prevelance studies, incidence studies- I’m fading quickly
  • counterfactual, blinding-single & double,pretest/postest, factorial design, crossover and quasi-experimental-help!!!
  • nonequivalent control group, propensity matching regression discontinuity design, rival hypotheses-shoot me now!

I am determined to crack this research nut and get at least a “C” in this class.

My hair is looking more and more like this guy…and it’s not because we share any intellectual similarities




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