at the risk of being repetitive

I took today off from work because I felt like I was falling behind in my classwork. These online discussion boards are killing me…and it doesn’t help that one of my classmates in Nurse Research is a total brainiac. In a really nice way, not at all snobby but it’s obvious this is kindergarden stuff for him.

I spent 3 hours this morning trying to make an intelligent response(250 words) to just one question-Internal Validity- about one article and it still read like a 5th grade essay. Mr Brainiac replied very politely but I felt so defeated I went out shopping for a pair of shoes and ended up buying 3 pairs- which triples the number of shoes I own!!!!

Anyway before I start getting ready for my Valentines dinner date, complete with dress and reservations- yet another exercise in futility, I decided to put together a little table-because that is one thing I can do!

Classes I never want to take again, ever

Classes I want to take


Finger painting

Nurse Research

Sand castle building

Anything to do with numbers

Wine tasting

Anything to do with nursing

Beach yoga

Anything that requires thinking

Anything that does not require thinking

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