New week

I had a quiet weekend and didn’t accomplish much of anything which always haunts me on Monday. I sat on the toilet at one point contemplating the phrase “wasting time”. I feel like that’s exactly what I did. I wasn’t sick, the sun was out, I could have done lots of things-in fact I ran through a list of things I could do…

  • drive to the lake
  • go to the zoo
  • go to a nice outdoor shopping center I used to enjoy
  • visit my cousin

but instead I drove aimlessly through the village I grew up in. I stopped at the park near the river with the sledding hill. I walked and thought and felt. I reflected on how far I have come since I sledded down that hill, since I watched my kids sled down that hill as well.

As I got back to my new car on  a blindingly sunny winter day, with a tear in my eye-I thought- I have traveled the world, some 15+ countries and most of the USA, but I always want to be that little girl sledding down that hill.


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