Project: spring/color/hope

Couldn’t quite decide what to call this but I definitely feel it is a project. I feel that after this loooong, cooooold winter I can now look at the calender, it says February 23rd and say spring, warm weather, flowers and fun is finally on the way. Last fall I planted bulbs in the garden of our new house and I had some leftovers that I put in this pot.Berwyn-20140223-00122I put the pot in a cold dark corner of the basement thinking I would put it out front early-ish for some color, but desperate winter times call for desperate measures. I must force spring to come to me…as soon as possible!


So, this pot doesn’t look like much but I assure you that it is full of tulip, daffodil, crocus, and iris bulbs. Yesterday I put it in a sunny window and starting watering it. A few bulbs are already poking through so I don’t think it will take much…other than sun and water to produce my own personal spring.

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