my opinion

I’ve been dying to respond to this blog post.  Briefly, a surgeon (god) and his stay at home former lawyer wife decided to take their baby? teething toddler to a “child friendly” ski resort and the “baby” proceed to howl the entire night…hotel patrons in the next room complain via a letter slid under the door, bloggers beloved sis and DH are “hurt” so blogger feels obligated to chastise the letter writer using blogger superiority.

First…anyone can have a blog, anyone can write whatever bullshit they want and broadcast it to the world wide web.

Second, orthopedic surgeons do NOT save lives. They may improve the quality of life for the select few patients with good insurance coverage but I have never in 20 years of ICU nursing experience seen an orthopedic surgeon respond to a code.

Third, if very well off “orthopedic surgeon” and “stay at home former lawyer wife” and adorable but rarely “temperamental baby” needed that elusive thing called “family time” so badly perhaps they should have considered renting a house for their ski vacation

Fourth, if very well off orthopedic surgeon and stressed, struggling family chose to stay in a ski lodge hotel and extremely cute but teething baby decided to scream his/her head off thus causing other guests to lose sleep-don’t expect sympathy and consolation.

Don’t be surprised if someone knocks on your door asking:

“What the fuck is going on?”

“Can’t you shut that kid up?”

Don’t be surprised if the more timid of us slip a note under your door stating how you have ruined a long anticipated vacation.

Back to square one-I have three children, I know how unpredictable they can be. I have never had the luxury of a Colorado ski vacation….with or without children.

Now, I can afford to have a Colorado ski vacation

If a baby screaming in the next room kept me awake at night~I would probably put a note under the door.



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