tracya goes to the cinema

My friends consider me the movie know nothing, I rarely go to the movies and even with all the ways of viewing movies I still don’t see many. Some of the most popular movies people talk about I haven’t seen…Silence of the Lambs, E.T., Mama Mia…didn’t see them.

Most of the movies I’ve watched in the last ten years have been on planes…

But today…not only did I go to the movies but I saw a NEW release!!! The Grand Budapest Hotel


My review? Funny, different, adult, quirky…go see it!!!

One thought on “tracya goes to the cinema

  1. don’t feel bad.. I always saw ‘the other movies” when I was an avid movie goer..nit too many of teh typical ones everyone was watching.. and not when it was trendy to see them.. I haven’t seen any of the top 3 you mentioned and I finally saw E.T. when i was in my late 20’s with the cut scenes in although since I never saw the original I didn’t know what the big deal was.. nope! haven’t seen the Oscars in years either..

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