The Interview: round 1

Last Wednesday I got an email asking me if I could interview for the Associate Director position on Thursday at 11am. Yes, less than 24 hours later.

I figured there  was no way to prepare and actually appreciated not having time to worry, I was more worried about my plane not disappearing on the flight back from New York.

It was as I expected, a little awkward but also very light because not only do I work with all the interviewers, they have seen me in action in a positive way. My medical director led the questions along 2 other managers and another doctor arriving late. The “other doctor” is typical in that he needs to be the center of attention~ which is in direct conflict with an interview where the attention should be on the interviewee (me). I would be lying if I denied enjoying having the attention off of me.

I must admit this interview far exceeded acceptable laughs and jokes during an interview but I’m not sure how it will play in the “big ” picture. I wonder if another outside candidate will come in and be super organized and serious and make me look amateur.

The reality…. honest to gosh truth is I just want this (and the other open positions in my department) filled!! I am getting so far behind that I don’t even know where to start, getting sick of being stuck at my desk that I am getting fat and lazy….

The zinger is they still have to interview the two external candidates AND conduct a second round of interviews which means it will be at least a month before they have a confirmed candidate and likely another month before that person (whoever that is) is parked behind the big desk!

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