Working out has by the wayside

After a very productive December when my personal trainer came to my house twice a week.

Then January, when I was able to keep up the momentum

In February the train started to go off the rails


My metabolism has hit rock bottom and every calorie has settled around my middle

I am attempting to gather what little bit of motivation I have left and yesterday I committed to our larger department that I would like to start a lunchtime walking group. 

Now I am committed, I’ve said it out loud to 12-15 people and that’s how I became the lead for the “All Hands Walking Group”


4 thoughts on “Working out has by the wayside

  1. what’s with the name? and how long is your lunch? yup! once you say it out loud you have to do it.. I feel like everyone is watching me now since a few poeple know I am ‘losing weight”.. 😦 kind of stressful

  2. lol. our department “infection control” combined with and “risk management” and “Quality” are all under the same VP-we have combined meetings every 2-3 months the VP calls “all hands” meetings. I invited all the members which is a mix of middle aged bulge, mommy weight gain and a minority of nervous nellies all of which could benefit from some contemplative walking

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