internet superiority

  1. the state of being superior.
    “an attempt to establish superiority over others”
    synonyms: supremacyadvantageleaddominanceprimacyascendancyeminenceMore

    I have been  extremely naive about the internet. I assume that people are honest, open and looking for a personal connection…surprise, surprise….some people are actually out for likes, favorites and followers

    hey, internet smart phone junkies, do what you want but don’t pretend you are one when you are actually the other.

    Me? I couldn’t give a rat’s ass if nobody ever reads my blog…I don’t pretend to be anything else. But I am real, I talk about topics I know about and don’t talk about things I don’t know about.

    There are several topics I know a lot about…and yes, I am going to comment.

    I am not going to be intimidated by someone who pretends to have knowledge by quoting media sound bites and mass appeal studies.



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