playing the game

the political, professional game of chess. My small department has been without one Infection Control Practitioner (ICP) since the end of November and one Associate Director since Jan 1. That only leaves 3 of us…

I’m glad to be rid of “the c*nt” and I know my boss had to leave for personal reasons but….big BUT here-I was naive to think that these jobs would just be posted, we’d get a bunch  few candidates, we’d pick one and start the work of orienting them…

In a state government, civil service, union environment???? multiply that by about 1000 twists and turns.

The current status is…the ICP candidates were flops, HR threw out the nurses because they didn’t give a copy of their RN License or couldn’t complete the online application and so the whole posting is cancelled and will have to be re-posted.

The associate director, of which  I am one of the 3 candidates is at least to the second round of interviews….great! fantastic!!!

Until today when I found out that our VP, in charge of the interviews is going on vacation next Friday.

So let me count…the VP and both of my fellow ICPs will be off at some point next weekend…which happens to be my birthday.

happy burfhday to me!

2 thoughts on “playing the game

  1. By the way, I know it’s coming up, I just don’t remember when it is in April! Happy Birthday!! It sounds like every place I’ve ever worked! It’s just England seems worse since people usually have to give longer notice periods, so you think they’d get their act in gear!!! It’s not just over 2 years that I’m the only person in a post that is supposed to have 2 people. Oh, yes, it’s going to be listed this week (I’ve been hearing that for six weeks now – again!) I don’t blame you for considering moving on Tracy. I’ve spent an awful lot of time looking for other jobs but just haven’t had much luck and have now settled into this one. Who knows what may be around the corner though…for both of us.

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