my move

Partly in response to the ridiculously slow pace of hiring at my job but also for personal reasons, I have applied for a job in New York. Yes, in. new. york. city.

I really enjoyed visiting a few weeks ago and of course my son lives there…why not?

I can’t say I would look forward to another move, not sure how all the details would come together. My Pilsen lover is originally from New Jersey, his elderly are there and not sure if i would rent my house out here…

but sometimes the best response to stress is to have another option.

So I have a Skype interview Tuesday morning.


5 thoughts on “my move

  1. Haha… I thought Pilsen was the name of your lover- just googled it and it’s actually where you live! Doh!
    Good luck tomorrow!
    Are you in a New York State of mind?

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